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FAQ Remnants

Our room-size remnants and off-cuts are famous. We have over a thousand in stock and they really are genuine bargains.

Why are the remnants so amazingly cheap?

We regularly clear out the best brand name factories of their smaller pieces (or “short rolls” -as they’re known in the trade) which are inconvenient for the manufacturer to hold. Our buying power means you win because we buy them at incredibly low prices. Of course they vary in size, but most of them are large enough to carpet an average room. The typical size is between 4m x 4m to 5m x4m, but we often are able to source larger pieces as well. It’s worth just popping in and having a look around.

How often do you take delivery of new shipments of remnants?

We have new stock arriving almost daily and they don’t hang around for long! If you’re looking for something in particular it’s worth popping in every couple of weeks to see what’s new!

Are the remnants faulty?

No, the vast majority are perfect A-grade pieces. Exactly the same carpet you would pay twice the price for in some of the big national chains- who we can’t name but you can probably guess!

Do I have to take the remnant away with me immediately?

No, of course not! We can store it in our warehouse until you’re ready to have it collected or fitted. However, due to space restrictions, we do ask that you collect it within three weeks of purchase.

Can you arrange for someone to fit it for me?

Yes, of course. We work with some of the best independent carpet fitters in South Wales. Just let the team know you need it fitted and they’ll be happy to book you in. Most rooms can be fitted for around £40, but it depends on the size of the room. We can ask the fitters to give you a precise quote for your job and their fitting price always includes delivery.

Can I fit a remnant in my car to take away with me?

Usually yes- depending on the size of the remnant and the size of your car! Our helpful team will be happy to put it in your car for you.



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    “Our promise to our customers”
    The only thing crooked here is the floor. We will always do our best to offer the very best value for money for all our customers. We keep our prices low by purchasing our stock in huge quantities and by keeping our costs low. Our stock is A-grade quality and much of it is from the same brand name manufacturers that supply the national chain stores. We’ve been in business since 1971, so we must be doing something right, but if we ever fall short of our high standards please let us know and we will put it right as a matter of urgency.