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Over 47 years of trading we’ve probably encountered every possible question when it comes to carpet buying, but we seem to be regularly asked some common questions, so here’s a list of a few of them which you might find helpful!

Are carpets perfect quality?

Yes. The carpets are A-grade quality. They are usually the exact same carpets that you will see in the big national chain shops and are from the same manufacturers, but are usually much cheaper at Carpet Castle. In the rare instance that we have a carpet that is slightly imperfect we will clearly mark it as such and will price it very cheaply indeed!

Can I take the carpet away with me?

Yes, all the carpets are available for instant collection, but if you would prefer to have it delivered we can arrange next day delivery. Alternatively, if you would like a professional to fit it for you they will be happy to do so and we can put you in contact with some experts who we work with closely. We regularly monitor the work of all our independent fitters to ensure their standards are always at least at the level we would expect for our customers.

What width do you stock?

Most of our carpets come in 4 metre widths, which is the industry standard. However, we do stock a number of ranges that are available in 5 metre widths. If your room is unusually large then it may be necessary for your fitter to join the carpet- but this is usually virtually invisible.

How do I measure my stairs and landing?

This is a common one! It’s quite simple- just measure the length and width of the landing (remember to measure the first step as well), measure the hallway in the same way, count the number of steps on the stairs and measure the width of the stairs. Then just pop your measurements into store and we will work it all out for you.

Of course the really easy way is to simply phone us and arrange for one the great carpet fitters we work with to pop out and measure for you. They’ll never charge you for this service.

Are the carpets stain resistant?

Most of our carpets are bleach-cleanable, meaning that you should be able to remove virtually any stain. If you ask a member of our in-store team they will be happy to show you which ranges are bleach-cleanable and answer any of your questions.

Can you measure up for me?

Yes, the fitters we work with can pop out free of charge and measure for you. Alternatively, if you want to run a tape measure over the room(s) our staff members will be happy to work it all out for you.

Can you store the carpet for me if I am not ready to collect?

Of course! Just let us know when you’re ready to collect it. However, due to our shop being so busy and space needing to be fully utilised, the maximum time we can store your carpet for you is 3 weeks.



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    The only thing crooked here is the floor. We will always do our best to offer the very best value for money for all our customers. We keep our prices low by purchasing our stock in huge quantities and by keeping our costs low. Our stock is A-grade quality and much of it is from the same brand name manufacturers that supply the national chain stores. We’ve been in business since 1971, so we must be doing something right, but if we ever fall short of our high standards please let us know and we will put it right as a matter of urgency.