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Where can I install artificial grass?

On any hard surface or as a replacement for your existing lawn. Just ensure there is
sufficient drainage. Many of our customers fit it on top of decking, which is fine too. The
only issue with decking is the small risk that the grooves of the decking could slightly show
through the grass, but this is easily rectified with grass underlay that we stock. Most
customers have found they don’t require underlay at all.

What size does it come in?

2, 4 and 5 metre wide. It is of course easily joinable, so wider areas shouldn’t be a problem.

What is artificial grass made out of?

All our artificial grass ranges are high quality and are made from Polyethylene and

What about drainage?

All our artificial grass comes with drainage holes in the backing as standard. Just ensure the
surface you’re fitting on has adequate drainage.

Is it durable?

It is generally very durable. All our grass ranges are designed to stand the test of time!

How do I clean it?

Just a good rinse with water should be fine. The whole point of artificial grass is that it
should be low maintenance!

Is it suitable for pets?

Yes. It’s great for cats and dogs to play on and if it needs cleaning just rinse with water and
add a little mild detergent if required.

Will it fade in the sun?

Our grass comes with a 9 year UV guarantee. So it will continue to look fresh and green for
many years.

How easy is it to install?

Actually it is pretty simple. It all depends on how much ground work is involved and of
course how keen you are on DIY! We have a helpful DIY fitting guide on our main grass page
but if you have any other questions please just ask a member of our team. Of course we do
offer a great fitting service which includes all the groundwork. Just phone or pop in and we
can give you a free quote.

Why choose Carpet Castle?

We buy our grass in huge quantities, direct from the manufacturers and we’re confident we
can offer the very best prices anywhere in South Wales. We can arrange cost-effective
fitting and our staff are all trained to a high standard in everything and anything to do with
artificial grass! We have been in business for well over 40 years, so we must be doing
something right! Take a tip- it’s worth a trip to our amazing store in Caerphilly!



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