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Artificial Grass | News

It looks just like the real thing, but artificial grass owners can swap their Sundays spent mowing and weeding for sunbathing and relaxing. New developments in artificial grass mean that a finish good enough for Chelsea can be achieved with no mowing, no watering, no mud and no weeding. Of course, it’s also a welcome relief for Hay-fever sufferers!

Good quality artificial grass should come with a nine-year UV guarantee but typically will last for many years longer, so it should retain its lush, green look summer after summer.

The latest generation of artificial grasses look so realistic that the garden may actually look better than it would do with real turf.

It is relatively easy to fit, but for those of us less confident with a spade, many professional landscape gardeners are now offering a full service- from preparing the groundwork to fitting the grass itself.

The industry has experienced huge growth in recent years and is set to continue expanding at 15% a year into the next decade. Last year more than 50 million square metres of artificial grass was sold across Europe.

Local supplier Carpet Castle, in Caerphilly have noticed a big increase in demand- “we’re finding that once someone in a street has their lawn done, we’re inundated with demand from their neighbours- it just looks so realistic!”

Director Andrew Graham did offer a piece of advice to potential buyers- “just make sure the artificial grass you buy is high quality. There are a lot of cheap foreign imports available on the internet which are nowhere near as good.”

In terms of functionality, artificial grass means that kids and pets can actually use the lawn all year-round, regardless of the weather. There’s no mud to worry about and the drainage holes mean that water-logging is far less of a problem.

Cardiff Arms Park has recently replaced its turf with artificial grass and it looks like many homes in Wales will soon be following suit.